Here’s some of the stuff I do:

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business with robust and reliable Backup policies, then test them with a realistic Disaster Recovery scenario.

Active Directory management

Fix standard rules for users, group & computers in your environment with group policy.
Stop pains generated by software update with centralized solution.


Reduce hardware maintenance costs and introduce High Availability using virtualization technologies.

Business Intelligence

Keep your business under control with Business Intelligence analysis
and reporting.

Coding Infrastructure

Optimize your DevOps life-cycle from project planning and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring system.

Ticketing System

Enable your support team to be more productive with ticketing system that can track users requests, start approval process and scale it from first line support to more specialized ones.


Keep monitored your infrastructure in order to assure availability and performance.
Hosts, routers, switches, network links and services: with whole infrastructure health under your eyes, you can easily be more proactive and start manage issues before users notice them.

Open Source tools

Reduce ownership costs of the software and avoid vendor lock-in with Open Source solutions giving you a fast and qualified support from the community.

Voip and Video Conference

Keep peripheral sites closer with 3CX PBX and it’s powerful video conference features.

Here’s some of the stuff I don’t do:

End Users Help Desk

End users help desk need a staff dedicated to assists people every time they have a need. This is incompatible with working on projects and/or maintain an efficient infrastructure.

Clients troubleshooting and maintenance

Clients devices (PC, tablet, phones, ecc) are a wide ecosystem where any kind of problems can be found and are generally hard to debug (mainly because end users do things the should not do). Debugging this kind of issue is a time-consuming task without added-value for the business.

Analog and mobile phony

I’ve not skills about phony, at all. I don’t have any experience managing rates, offers and phony providers.

Security and compliance

Nowadays security is a serious topic. It needs a dedicated team that monitor threats and acts to assure security at all layers. I can deal with a security team to perform sysadmin tasks helping them to deploy the solutions they developed, but I cannot by my self ensure security of an infrastructure.
Moreover, the legislation about security is becoming even more complicated (like GDPR); this require people with a legal background and knowledge

Wiring and desktop accommodation

Cabling, wiring and setup desktop peripherals are jobs for electricians and helpdesk team member. I will not spend my time in this kind of tasks.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is fashion and everybody want it, however is another big ecosystem of things that can fails every now and then. This isn’t an IT topic: it’s a physical security one and needs a specific supplier maintenance contract.

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